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RIGHT NOW: 33 calls for proposals available. Take a look at the overview of our calls to find funding that suits your innovation project. Find the right funding. Collaborate with Europe through Horizon 2020. We can help you to apply for funding for a European collaboration through EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 Vinnova funds research and innovation through various calls for proposals. A call for proposals is a type of framework for what earmarked funding should be used for. In the call, we also specify what kinds of organisations can apply for that funding Vinnova utlysning för Eureka COVID19 call 2 | Vinnova. Du har inte javascript påslaget. Det innebär att många funktioner inte fungerar. För mer information om Vinnova, ta kontakt med oss. Vi använder kakor (cookies) för att förbättra hur du upplever vår webbplats What happens after the call has closed? Once your application has been registered, we'll send a confirmation email to the person responsible for the user account, as well as to the project manager and the company signer. Please note that this may take a few hours after the call has closed Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects with India in Health and AI | Vinnova

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  1. Funding of innovation projects aimed at supporting further research activities for existing successful IMI consortia. | Vinnova
  2. Inom programmet Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) kan forskare söka finansiering för att arbeta i ett annat land. De forskare som sökte MSCA individuellt Fellowship 2018 och som hade en poäng på 85% eller högre men inte kunde få finansiering från EU-kommissionen har nu möjlighet att söka medel för Seal of Excellence
  3. I Vinnovas översikt kan du se alla våra erbjudanden och söka bland dem för att se om vi erbjuder finansiering som passar ert projekt. | Vinnova

Vinnova Intressentportale Projects funded run between two and three years, with a grant of between five and seven million SEK (funding from Vinnova of up to 80 percent). Call deadline: 25th of August 2020. Read more about the call on Vinnovas webpage. Read more about the call on Formas webpage. Welcome H2020 Visualization - Vinnova In this call we welcome project applications focusing on cities that aim to hasten the transition to be viable and climate neutral by 2030. | Vinnova Vinnovas calls for proposals within Circular and biobased economy. | Vinnova

International collaboration for innovations with actors in Brazil in collaboration with EMBRAPII Closing 30 November, 2 M SEK funding. Sustainable mining is one theme In this call for proposals, you can apply for grant for personal mobility between Sweden and France, Germany or Canada for applied AI research | Vinnova

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With this offer Vinnova wants to stimulate co-operation between Sweden, Republic of Korea and Finland | Vinnova Eurostars Promotional Call between Sweden, Republic of Korea and Finland - autumn 2019 | Vinnova This call targets companies that want to test AI with locally delimited data that can offer great potential in future business. By decentralized AI systems we m | Vinnova Leverage call. The strategic innovation programme Swedish Mining Innovation and Vinnova invite all stakeholders who have or have had projects financed by SIP STRIM/Swedish Mining Innovation to seek planning grants for the exchange of their projects through international initiatives Are you a public organization that wants to make a first innovation project in artificial intelligence? Then this is the call for you. | Vinnova About the call. Formas and Vinnova welcomes projects to develop research ideas and knowledge in AI and climate to a higher degree of maturity, that contributes to tools for decision support with potential to provide significant emission reductions or necessary adaptations to climate change in the long term

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Vinnova information om utlysningen . Informationsvideos om utlysningen. Open call information videos (in english) Gå till ansökan Ansök senast 12 Nov 2020 Utlysning för planeringsbidrag. Det strategiska innovationsprogrammet Swedish Mining Innovation och Vinnova. When the call closes, it will not be possible to submit the application. 4. After the application has been submitted. A confirmation that your application/outline has been received by Vinnova will be sent to the person with the user account, the project manager and the company signatory (head of department or equivalent) Finansieras av Vinnova; På vår webbplats lyfter vi även fram andra typer av finansiärer. I de fallen står det LIGHTer rekommenderar ovanför utlysningen. SMART 4th Call for Project. Sista ansökningsdag: den 14 december 2020 Läs mer navigate_next. öppen. Utlysning

the VINNOVA entres of C Excellence and the VINNOVA growth centres. A large number of initiatives were taken in 2008 aimed at strengthening these centres and I suggested a call Gender for a Perspective to Strengthen Strong Milieus which im-mediately was approved by management. One important aspect of the call was the ownership of the projects Här finns information om PiiA:s öppna, kommande och stängda utlysningar samt hjälp med externa utlysningar som relaterar till processindustriell IT och automation VINNOVA's industry access call is now open. Published Mar 25, 2020. Proposals for i) undertaking a deeper analysis of industry needs, and ii) enabling industry access to large scale facilities such as MAXIV and PETRAIII are welcome The call Collaboration Projects for Better Health opens on December 17th 2018. This new call differs from other research funding calls mainly in two aspects; it requires at least two stakeholders in different fields (academia, health care & industry) to partner up and write a joint proposal, and the project is to include 50 percent co-funding from the applicants

Vinnova only provides funding to organisations, and usually it is a requirement that projects involve several partners. Funding opportunities are advertised through various calls. The call specifies the types of organisations that can apply for grants. All calls are published on Vinnova's website International ICT at VINNOVA •All VINNOVA's international programs focusing on ICT R&D for digitalisationof many application areas •>10 different EU, EUREKA and bilateral programs •≈20MEUR/yearfrom VINNOVA/EU Call SU-ICT-03-2018 on competencecentra, 50 M€,. CEC Fellows welcomes researchers to an open brainstorm meeting about the Formas and Vinnova joint call AI in the service of climate

The call is made in collaboration between Swelife and MedTech4Health, two national Vinnova-funded strategic innovation programs in life science. By Swelife interact healthcare, academia and business, with the intention Medtech4Health is to utilize and strengthen Sweden's potential to remain a world leader in medical technology Vinnova engaged in Eurostars promotional call 4 September 2018 . A new offer aims to stimulate co-operation between Sweden, Republic of Korea and Finland. This promotional call focuses on Smart Mobility, Smart Industry, Circular Economy, Smart Health and Smart Energy In mid-November, Vinnova, together with MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC China), is planning a match-making week in Shanghai and in Shenzhen. MOST, Vinnova and partners in Sweden and China will organize a match-making event in Shanghai between November 12-13 and in Shenzhen on November 14 for Swedish and Chinese actors in applied ICT, health, transport and smart sustainable. Vinnova-Embrapii Call for joint projects EMBRAPII and VINNOVA are receiving proposals for joint RD&I projects between Brazilian and Swedish actors in any area of knowledge. Read more . SBII at a glance The aim of the new call from Vinnova, Staff exchange for applied AI research, is to accelerate the shared knowledge in AI research by offering funding for exchange of staff between countries. AI Innovation of Sweden wants to support this call by supporting connections between companies/organizations who want to establish long-term international collaborations

Requirements for Vinnova. Your project must meet certain conditions as we enter in a call text . The call text we tell which area the project will be, who can search, requirements for projects and time frames. Find the requirements in the specific call texts Vinnova comes to Luleå University of Technology on May 24 to meet research groups who are interested in running a Competence Center. Through the call Competence Center 2020 it is now possible to apply for funding for several projects that extend over a longer period

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Vinnova: Kompetenscentrum 2020 Intern prioriteringsprocess. Forskargrupper vid Uppsala universitet som vill söka till Vinnovas utlysning Kompetenscentrum 2020 måste skicka in en föransökan senast måndag den 13 augusti 2018 enligt instruktioner nedan You apply through Vinnova's portal. Important dates. The call opens: 14 September 2020; Open drop-in meetings online will be held continuously until the announcement closes. There you can ask questions. More info here. The call closes: 25 November 2020, at 14.00; Decision announcement latest: 31 March 2021; Project start at the earliest: 14. Lund, Sweden, May 8, 2020 - Xintela has been granted 1 million SEK from Vinnova in the call for Innovations in the wake of the crisis - Restructuring of society, operations and production in the wake of the corona epidemic. Inom innovationsprogrammet RE:Source utlyser Energimyndigheten, Vinnova och Formas cirka 5 miljoner kronor. 2020-06-10. Vill du bidra med forskning och innovation för en hållbar vindkraftsutbyggnad? Nu kan du söka stöd för projekt om en hållbar vindkraftsutbyggnad och näringslivsutveckling i Sverige Sweden (Vinnova) Vinnova will only support projects under the Health topic of the call with AI as enabling technology. Swedish participants that require funding from Vinnova are recommended to get in touch with the Vinnova contact person before submitting the national application

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Alla utlysningar - Ingen beskrivning. På webbplatsen finns utlysningar sedan 2018 publicerade. Om du är intresserad av äldre utlysningar kan du kontakta registrator@formas.se.. Översiktsplan för utlysningar 202 Vinnova calls in International ICT 2017 . 1. EUREKA Eurostars and ICT cluster calls • Approx. 150 MSEK/year total Vinnova EUREKA budget • More than 30% success rate for Swedish participants • Swedish national rules for costs, overhead etc. • Travel cost grants available for Project Proposers Day NFFP:s kanslifunktion finns på Vinnova. NFFP ska som en del av den flygtekniska forskningen inom landet bidra till att stärka den svenska industrins konkurrensförmåga. Programmet ska även stärka landets förmåga att aktivt delta i och dra nytta av internationellt forsknings- och teknologisamarbete, vilket VINNOVA's programmes and calls target actors in society who are important for Sweden's innovativeness such as research-focused companies, universities, research institutes and public sector organisations. Some of the calls are open to international and bilateral collaborations

Robocall is a term for a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot, hence the name. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements VINNOVA kan . själv Resultat 25 projekt . 2014 - i EU-sam's. regi . Utlysning publicerad 2014-02-12 Ansök senast 2014-03-27 . EU-Sam samlar Vinnova, Formas, Vetenskapsrådet, Forte, Energimyndigheten, Rymdstyrelsen. \ Vinnova organised a digital healthcare workshop In New Delhi in April. Based on the consultations in the workshop the call has been drafted to advance AI based healthcare in both the countries. 3 Purpose of the Call DBT and Vinnova through the Digital healthcare call aims to ensure sustainabl The call 'AI in the service of the climate' has been launched by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova to support initiatives which focus on use of Artificial Intelligence for minimizing.

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Vinnova/EU. Beskrivning av finansieringen Programmets 8te call är nu stängt, nytt call kommer under 2011! Möjlighet för små och medelstora företag inom miljö- och energibranschen att söka finansiering för forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt Vinnova has continuously funded the GMS initiative, and now expands the funding by an additional SEK 36 million for the remaining of 2020 and all of 2021. Additional co-funding of SEK 52 million will also be added from the participating seven regions with University Hospitals, and the corresponding seven Universities Medical Faculties London, Nairobi, Stockholm - 9 November 2020 - The Climate Smart Cities Challenge is making an open call to city governments and agencies around the world to join an open competition that aims to stimulate and scale innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cities while creating other social benefits.. The initiative—spearheaded by Teknikföretagen, Viable Cities, UN-Habitat.

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Finansiering av innovationer inom medicinsk forskning - IMI 2 Call 20 Ansökningsdeadline: 21 april 2020 UTLYSNING. Publicerad 2020-03-03. I det här erbjudandet inom IMI - Innovative Medicines Initiative - finansierar Vinnova innovationsprojekt utifrån forskning kring bland annat diagnos, personliga behandlingsstrategier för psoriasisartrit,. Neuronano is happy to announce that we have been granted funding from Vinnova, the Swedish authority for innovation and science. The grant received is part of Vinnovas call focusing on strengthening competence within the organization (Medtech4health) in order to get innovative MedTech products faster to market portal.vinnova.s Sweden Brazil Innovation Initiative (SBII) is a collaboration between Sweden and Brazil with the aim of increasing innovation collaborations between industry and research organizations in the two countries.As a part of this collaboration, there is an open call at Vinnova, together with Brazilian EMBRAPII, to fund a number of innovation projects in the following focus areas: health, smart.

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Om blogg.vinnova.se Bloggen ägs, utvecklas och förvaltas av Vinnova, Sveriges innovationsmyndighet. Vi stärker Sveriges innovationskraft för hållbar tillväxt och samhällsnytta. Genom Vinnovas blogg vill vi ha en öppen dialog med vår omvärld, belysa våra sakfrågor och ta till vara på frågor och åsikter om oss. Läs mer The result of the process will be set out in a multiannual Strategic Plan to prepare the content in the work programmes and calls for proposal for the first 4 years of Horizon Europe. The strategic planning process will focus in particular on the Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness pillar of Horizon Europe Calls open Always open September 23 Closed Open Open (FPP) Calls close Continuous, 4 decisons/year October 31 September 4 (PO required) October 15 Sept. 23 (PO), Nov. 20 (FPP) VINNOVA contact Bengt Nilsson Bengt.Nilsson@vi nnova.se 08-473 3090 Jonas Bjarne Jonas.Bjarne@vi nnova.se 08-473 3122 Lars Gustafsson LarsGustafsson@ VINNOVA.s

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Aktuella utlysningar Produktion2030 genomför 1-2 utlysningar per år. Utlysningarnas inriktning och budget beslutas av programmet. Vinnova hanterar ansökningarna och projektfinansiering VINNOVA SIP-STRIM Call 2015 Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for Automated Mining Machinery Seyed Hadi Hoseinie, Uday Kumar Project leader: Behzad Ghodrati Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering March 2016 Project Report VINNOVA SIP-STRIM 2018-07: UK-Sweden Call for Proposals for Aerospace R&D projects through EUREKA mechanism: LINK UK-Sweden Call 2017-06 NFFP7 - Utlysning 1 LÄNK NFFP7 2016-12 Aktuella Vinnova-utlysningar Vinnova utlysninga

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intra.kth.s Select your country. We will only show you the information that are relevant for your country. The country can be changed at anytime Annual call After the success of the 2019 and 2020 joint initiative, two EUREKA-funded Clusters dedicated to collaborative industrial innovation -EURIPIDES² and PENTA -are joining forces again to launch a new 2021 ECS Call


Att göra om och modifiera existerande produkter är något som ofta sker spontant. Man målar om en möbel eller syr på en förlängning. Från ett innovationsperspektiv blir det lite mer spännande när man sätter detta i system - när en remix är lika intressant och värdefull som originalet. I Sverige finns produkter från IKEA nästan i alla hem. Det är lite förvånande att det. EUREKA Cluster AI Call: Over 40 Proposals were received by the Submission Date: 15th June 2020. The EUREKA Clusters CELTIC-NEXT, EUROGIA, ITEA 3, and PENTA-EURIPIDES², have perceived a common cross domain interest in developing, adapting and utilising emerging Artificial Intelligence within and across their focus areas

I april öppnar Vinnovas utlysning för Kompetenscentrum 2020. Lund University's internal management rules for applications to Vinnova's call on Competence Centre 2020 (pdf 242,6 kB) webbredaktionen@med.lu.se 2018-03-06. Senaste nyheterna. 2020-11-0 VINNOVA - Sweden's Innovation Agency, has joined the InnovaResistance call, making €1.1 million available to Swedish industrial partners. Sweden is already represented in this call by the Swedish Research Council which contributes up to €3 million to Swedish academic partners SAFER is the open innovation arena where researchers and expertise work together to create safe mobility. Our traffic safety approach covers people, vehicles and the infrastructure - and together we contribute to safer road transports and smarter, more sustainable cities Each year, Vinnova invests around SEK 3 billion in fostering innovation. Most of these funds are allocated via calls for proposals in which companies, public sector actors and other organisations apply for funding. All investments are continuously monitored and evaluated and we regularly analyse the impacts of our investments. External link Call status: Closed Proposal deadline::16th January 2017, 17.00 CET. Call Outline Summary The present document announces the third joint call for proposals between The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT) and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)

VINNOVA investerar varje år cirka 2,7 miljarder på olika insatser som ska bidra till att stärka Sveriges innovationskraft. Nu utlyser VINNOVA en innovationstävling för att få fram nya lösningar för hur myndigheten ska hitta de bästa projekten att finansiera The joint call opens on the 23rd of September 2016 and the call deadline is 16th January 2017. The expected time for announcing granted proposals are on the 24th April 2017 Each year, Vinnova invests around $350 millions in fostering innovation. Most of these funds are allocated via calls for proposals in which companies, public sector actors and other organisations apply for funding. All investments are continuously monitored and evaluated and we regularly analyse the impacts of our investments DST, TIPC, Research Council of Norway, Colciencias, VINNOVA, Tekes, University of Sussex The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) are hosting the first global conference on Transformative Innovation Policy in Pretoria during 20-21 September 2017 Vinnova är Sveriges innovationsmyndighet, med uppdraget att stärka Sveriges innovationskraft för hållbar tillväxt och samhällsnytta. Linköpings Universitet I samma anda erbjuder Linköpings universitet, LiU, ett stort antal innovativa utbildningar, inte minst många professionsutbildningar för till exempel läkare, lärare, civilekonomer och civilingenjörer

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Vinnova grants 13 million SEK in Technology Research at University West - For us, it is a record dividend for a single Vinnova program. It strengthens and broadens our research in additive manufacturing and welding - and with materials we have not researched before, comments Lennart Malmsköld, Primus program manager, University West The EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021 will be the first joint call of the ERA-NET Cofund ERA-MIN3, to be officially launched on the 15th of January, 2021, and will count with an indicative budget of €18 Million The call is aimed at those who want to carry out the project that, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to Sweden having no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045 or to adapt society to the climate changes we cannot prevent. The call for proposal is a joint effort by Vinnova and Formas

Tema Intranät Nyheter nyheter New call from VINNOVA. Du behöver logga in för att få se informationen på nyheter. Inloggning för studenter och anställda. Vi använder LiUs centrala inloggningsfunktion för att identifiera användare Ansökan till VINNOVA Diarienummer 2014-01741 Avsänd av sökande 2014-03-27 12:58 Utlysning Nationella påverkansplattformar för ökat -Influence future calls for application within Horizon 2020-Positioning the Swedish competence areas of excellence: Water supply, Storm water managemen Vinnova and EMBRAPII are the funding partners for the open call connected to the Sweden Brazil Innovation Initiative. Information about the open call can be found on this page by Vinnova for Swedish organizations and for Brazilian organizations at EMBRAPII's webpage

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Vinnova, Stockholm, Sweden. 5.5K likes. Vinnova är Sveriges innovationsmyndighet. Vi stärker Sveriges innovationskraft för hållbar tillväxt och samhällsnytta. www.vinnova.s It is very important for prospective applicants to read the call text carefully, as always, and you should build your application in Vinnova's digital registration form Intressentportalen. Feel free to contact the person indicated as responsible for answering questions; prepare them for your application, ask questions, and get some feedback and tips on how you can improve your application

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DBT and Vinnova through the digital healthcare call aims to ensure sustainable and equitable spread of technology in advancing healthcare access and affordability across India and Sweden. The call seeks to provide scalable and implementable innovative, sustainable and flexible public health solutions across both the countries using AI-based technologies as a tool The Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial (EMBRAPII) and Vinnova are working together to support international innovation projects implemented by partners from Brazil and Sweden. This partnership boosts knowledge and technology transfer and makes both countries more competitive Open call 8: Projects. Here you will find projects from the program's eighth open call. The projects start in June 2020

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Formas är ett statligt forskningsråd för hållbar utveckling. Vi arbetar med forskningsfinansiering, strategi, utvärdering och analys samt med forskningskommunikation About Vinnova Vinnova is Sweden's Government Agency for innovation, formally under the Ministry of Enterprise. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation. We do this mainly by funding research and innovation projects which aim to develop new solutions through call for proposals In Vivo Research Service (IVRS) har beviljats bidrag från Vinnova från utlysningen Innovativa Startups steg 1. Bidraget kommer att användas för att utveckla företagets marknadsposition, identifiera och bilda nya långsiktiga kunder, samt utveckla och validera affärsmodell

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2.2 The VINNOVA Call 9 2.3 The SSPA Consortium 10 3 The Research Project 11 3.1 Project Documentation 11 3.2 Objectives 11 3.3 Approach Adopted 11 4 Basic Ship and Environmental Information 13 5 Review of Evidence 17 5.1 Course of Events 17 5.2 Interview of Diving Team Members 21 6 Possible Foundering Scenarios 2 DBT-VINNOVA: The IIIrd joint call is announced for proposals between The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT) and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA). DBT and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems have agreed to launch a joint call for proposals during 2016-2017 to promote Indo-Swedish research and innovation cooperation Vinnova: Centra för finansmarknadsforskning - Kompetenscentrum: 24 november 2020: Energimyndigheten: Sök stöd för forskning om människa, energisystem och samhälle: 3 december 2020: Energimyndigheten: Vindval om uppföljning av vindkraftsetableringar: 12 januari 2021: Formas: Samhällsplanering för omställning (steg 2) 19 januari 2021. Vinnova just opened a call for #decentralized AI. A great opportunity to develop pilots or proof-of-concepts in federated learning! Projects need at Current programs and calls: > Test Market, 2011+ (pro-active identification of new demands) > Industry driven projects and SiC Power Center, 2011-2015. The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is now central part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot, targeting radically new, breakthrough products, services, processes or business models that open up new markets.. Fast Track to innovation (FTI) is a fully-bottom-up measure in Horizon 2020 promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities that is open to all types of participants Future Financial Framework (2021-2027): European Digital Innovation Hubs in Digital Europe Programme. The European Commission has proposed the creation of the first-ever Digital Europe Programme which will invest €9.2 billion to align the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027 with increasing digital challenges. In a series of workshops, the Commission together with the Member States have.

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